Creating and maintaining defensible space is essential for increasing your home’s chance of surviving a wildfire.

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Talk with a Defensible Space expert advisor to understand how to get a head of the fire and protect your home from the devastation of wild fire.

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We've got you Covered

Choosing Grind Fire Defense is one of the smartest decisions you could make.

  • Free Preliminary Assessment.
  • Custom defensible space plan.
  • Zone based vegetation and fuel management.
  • Annual defensible space maintenance.

Your Defensible space Zones

Zone 0 - Ember Resistant

The immediate surrounds of your buildings and structures from structure to approximately 5’ out

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Zone 1 - Lean, Clean & Green

Extends 30 feet from buildings, structures, decks, etc. or to your property line, whichever is closer.

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Zone 2 - Reduce Fuel

Zone 2 extends from 30 feet to 100 feet out from buildings, structures, decks, etc. or to your property line.

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Zone 3 - Egress and Extended

Zone 3 (“access” zone, adjacent to roads and driveways)

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We've got you covered

Step 1


The first step in determining what is needed on your property is to get out and walk.  We will walk your property and identify any potential hazards.

Step 2


Once our evaluation is completed we will work with you to determine the appropriate fuel reduction technique(s) for your property.  Some common fuel reduction methods include:

  • Removing unhealthy vegetation in order to minimize disease, Bark Beetle infestation
  • Remove pine needles around structures
  • Remove flammable vegetation around your structures
  • Removal of dead or dying trees and brush to reduce the fuels for potential wildfire
  • Elective tree removal and thinning
  • Removal of ladder fuels
  • Thinning of brush and trees around your structures

Step 3


We will begin working once we have reviewed your options and come to agreements.  In addition, we will review the importance of maintaining defensible space, not only for reducing fire, but for the health of the forest and habitat.

It’s not just What you know..
It’s What you put into

Front line experience

The Grind Fire defense team is made up of past and present Firefighters. As firefighters on the hot side of the fire line, we know how critical defensible space is.

In the heat of the fire we have had to make the hard call to leave a home for our own safety, simply because they lacked the defensible space.

Watching a home burn has an emotional effect that stays with you.

Creating defensible space is more than a job, for our team ... it means so much more, it is about service, community and family. It is about independence, safety and preparedness. It is about your home.
Being in the fire service is to always go above and beyond in all that we do. We bring that mentality with us to Grind, so when that is applied to your defensible space; know you're in good hands.